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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Different View

What is this??  Found lying in the middle of the yard, it looked like a big fluffy gorgeous green peony sitting on a lily pad of grass.  But no. . .   It's actually a cluster of seed heads from the silver maples.  I don't know if they always start out in a beautiful flower like this or if this just happened because of our unusually mild winter and warm-too-early spring.
You know those seeds that I'm talking about.  Billions and billions of annoying little helicopter seed heads that fly everywhere and cover the flower beds and sprout into little maples that have to be weeded otherwise your garden is going to revert back into a scrub forest. . . I wish they would all come down in these big clusters.  If I could enjoy them like this for a few days, maybe I wouldn't resent their noxious sprouting everywhere!

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sissy said...

Very cool! That would be awesome if they could all drop this way.