Canada Garden

Thursday, May 28, 2020

More from May

The lilacs at the pond were so pretty!  We're doing a renovation of that flower bed. 
New chairs
Oceanna at play
I went out to cut peonies for a vase and Skye started helping!  Bad dog!
There are hundreds of peony blooms out there. They are so heavy that they're flopping over, so these came in to sit a spell in grandma's vase.
V came over for the first time since the quarantine.  It was good to have company again

Sunday, May 17, 2020

View of the Backyard

This is from the fence looking back up at the rear of the house.  The white dogwood on the right and the pink dogwood at the far left were just beautiful. 
And this is one of two flower beds at the back of the yard.  This one has the nicest birdfeeding post surrounded by perennials.  We planted a jet star tomato at the base of the post and hoping we can tie it up as it grows.  We've had four plus inches of rain in the last couple of days.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Sunday, May 03, 2020

 The pictures of Oceanna are so precious!  She's a cutie and it looks like they are having so much fun together. 
 Mark fishes in the pond and Skye watches him from the fence.  Mama asked me why she doesn't get to go fishing too, but she would be in the pond if we let her out there!

 "Our goal is to remember with more love than pain, at our own time, in our own way, and at our own pace" David Kessler

Judson's birthday on the 1st of May.  I always loved that his birthdate was May Day. It  seems the days leading up to special days like this are harder than the actual date itself.  We miss him something awful, but we're so glad we were given the gift of his life.
I wanted to make a three-layer cake just to have something special for his birthday.  It was small, six inch layers, and it was pretty for a minute. But there was an incident and only the top layer survived!  Actually, I think it turned out better than planned and it made me laugh.  Who needed those bottom layers anyway?!?   I finally wore my sweatshirt that says "mom, I'm fine."  I can just hear him saying that to me. . . 
 The top layer--with lots of coconut and pecans :-)
Look how she's growing!
I swore these iris weren't going to get to stay in the garden. But now that they've bloomed, I think they will get to stay.  I dread the weeding, but they're so pretty! 
Our neighbor John took this photo of sunset at the park. Our house is a few houses further down into  the park and we have a good view of those beautiful sunsets.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Staying at Home

 We look forward to pictures everyday!
Isaac says they have started seedlings and are using the tent as a greenhouse for cold nights.  Can't wait to see their garden this summer!

 New curtains in the bedroom.  And I had my first nap on the new couch today!
It's been chilly all week and we even had a little snow during this  staying-in-place time. We do get out to take walks, to go to the grocery, and Mark goes over to mow V's lawn.   Tomorrow's forecast is sunshine and 60, so we're hoping for nicer spring weather even if we aren't all out and about yet.