Canada Garden

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Christmas in the New Year

 Christmas got postponed because we all took turns getting sick!  We're finally all on the mend and got to spend some time together today.  It was a good Sunday!  And in the next couple weeks, their birthdays 💗

Sunday, January 01, 2023

Happy New Year 2023!

 We had some bitterly cold weather a little over a week ago, but it has been getting up into the 50s too! The plants outside are getting ahead of themselves

Christmas 2022

Jennifer sent this pic of their Christmas morning in California.  She surfed in the ocean and Oceanna played in the sand on the beach.  The RV park pool was open too!  I love the pic, the tree, the presents, and the scene out the window of palm trees and mountains and picnic tables.  
Our Christmas here was quiet.  Betsy & Kyle had a combo of strep and covid, so we still have presents to open with them.  Rachel's birthday is coming up quick, Jan 5th, so maybe we'll do a shared Christmas and birthday dinner.
I made a few desserts, these were my favorite.  Sugar cookie bars from Carolyn's All Day I Dream About Food.
Mark bought me a new light ring that has a little remote to take pictures with the phone.  Now that's a handy gizmo!

Seven years keto :)
Mark is on a new medicine for the Waldenstrom's.  Hoping it will work well with few side effects.

That little remote, along with a lot of treats, helped get some sweet pictures of Murphy and Skye.

And oh yes, that cute little Cali girl turned three!

Saturday, December 17, 2022

Oceanna is 3!

Three years old!  And an artist already :)
We love her skirt!
One of the latest to go to Petals.

We wrapped presents today.  This might be the earliest I've ever wrapped! It's usually Christmas Eve before I get myself to do it.
Found this little tag from Judson and Rachel in among the wrapping paper <3


Wednesday, December 07, 2022

It's Almost Christmas!

One of the wreaths that went to Petals
My Christmas cactus bloomed so pretty!
The front door for this Christmas.  The swag stayed for a while, but the birds moved in again.  They like to hide in it, and then when we open the door, they fly inside.  It's an exciting time catching it and getting it back out of the house.  So the swag is inside now.
Front pot
Mark with Murphy at dock diving class
He is Mark's dog
Little Miss Oceanna girl
Mama's snow woman with her babies got dressed up this year

Thanksgiving 2022

This was a pumpkin grown by Isaac and Jen and Oceanna in their garden this summer.  It was so cute, I made the little tag to go with it for the table.
Mama's turkey in a wreath
Thanksgiving was very quiet this year but we had a good day.  Mark smoked chicken and ribs and I baked Isaac's pumpkin with some cranberries.
There's a reason everybody makes pie with pumpkin.  It needs some sweetener!  Fortunately, Swerve makes brown sweetener so this combo of pumpkin, cranberries, the pumpkin seeds, and pecan turned out really good


Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Fall & Halloween Report

Is fall really over and it's time to get ready for the holidays? Apparently so!

Mama's little witch made into a wreath.
I love these ferns in the front pot.  I can't find the pic with fall leaves woven through.  I think these will get to stay through the winter and into next summer.
Halloween Front Door
Rachel so happy with her new witch
A skelly wreath for Rachel's front door
Isaac grew this pumpkin, he had an amazing garden this year!
Another of Isaac's pumpkins for Thanksgiving.  The plan is to cook this one!
Mama's turkey made into a wreath
Found in a tub down in the basement--Isaac's Mario Eldwin.  He'll go to Oceanna for her third birthday coming up. He makes my heart sing, she will love him.