Canada Garden: 02/18

Saturday, February 10, 2018

February Update!

We're still going keto strong.  It seems a bit obvious to keep saying it I guess, because it's just how we live now.  But still, sometimes it still seems too good to be true
Our Betsy Girl turned 10! And for her birthday, she got a cute little streak of pink underneath all that beautiful hair.  And Kyle turned 8.  The tooth fairy paid a visit for his birthday too :) 
And V is 80!  As I'm writing this, I just realized Kyle turned 8 and V turned 80!  He and Betsy made her homemade cards, the best kind.
 Yes, I got her a "real" cake, the kind my kitchen hasn't seen in a couple of years.  But don't worry, we also had keto cake and ice cream, so Mark and I had plenty of dessert to celebrate with everybody. 
We had fun being all together for V's birthday.  This is probably the very first time that the kids have been here for V's birthday.  It's wonderful having them so close by now.
She looks happy, doesn't she?  And she doesn't look 80!