Canada Garden: 02/14

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Betsy & Kyle had a bouncing birthday party with gifts going to the Humane Society.  Rachel promised to take pictures of the drop off.   I  told her to keep an eye out for a golden when they go to the shelter.  Yes, I'm kidding. . . well, sort of anyway.  You never know who you're going to meet when you visit an animal shelter.  It could be the next Cookie or G dog. 

Turtle cupcakes for Kyle's table.  Disney Frozen cupcakes for Betsy's.
 Mark of Distinction always sends the best stuffed animals with balloons for the birthdays.  This one is a big red elephant that is soft and squishy and perfect for hugging.  And throwing.
Thank you to V and to Grandma Peggy for the birthday dollars :)
 There was a lot of bouncing at the bounce house.  Kyle is in the red shirt, running.   That's Betsy  in the foreground, ready to spring off the blue bouncer and onto the next one.