Canada Garden: 04/10

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lily of the Valley

Not good news on the ducklings.  I'll spare you the gory details.  Only one little lonely guy out there all by himself today.   Fortunately someone from work knew of a foster home for him to go to tonight.  I told that mother duck that I wasn't in favor of her having ducklings in the courtyard--they had to have water, they can't get out on their own, they'll make a mess, etc., etc.  But they were so cute and we were all fascinated by them and now it's hard to image what it will be like without them.  Sigh . . .    I am thankful for the lily-of-the-valley blooms on my desk.


They're here. . . hatched sometime over the weekend.  There were 9, now we're down to 7.  Don't know what happened to the other two.  I'm hoping the mother duck scooped them up in her bill and took them to the pond.  I know it's not likely--but when a mother duck is in this situation, she could learn a lesson from an  enemy like the cat!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thank You Gift

Shhh. . . don't tell my florist friends where I got this pretty little orchid for a secretary's day gift. . . It came from Schnuck's! 

Sunday, April 25, 2010

More Jones Family

BK Sunday

This was a beautiful morning.  Betsy was talking to the little dog that lives next door.  I don't know what kind of dog or what his name is--she just calls him little dog.
And here's our Kyle--he went to the Crack for breakfast too, but for some reason I didn't get his picture there. . .

More Betsy & Kyle Pictures

I still haven't made it all the way through the pictures we took over our visit, but I'm working on it.  We are missing our BK something awful, and I bet they've grown since we saw them!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Lori's Garden

We had a too short, but really good, visit with Lori and Kathy and Emma on our way through Lexington.  Lori's garden is beautiful, as always.  I love her phlox and bleeding heart, especially since both of these plants have disappeared from my garden over the years.   They make me think of my mama and grandma and mammy's gardens. . . Happy Friday . . . It's raining right now, but I'm hoping for some quality weeding time in the garden this weekend.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Corsage Practice

I've been practicing on my corsages since I got inspired at the corsage class a couple of weeks ago.  It was really really fun to make one for Betsy to wear to her friend's birthday party.  It was made with a Dora the Explorer band-aid and a daisy.    Hope I get to make her prom flowers for her!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Betsy & Kyle

The Jones Family

We had such a good time.  Betsy is growing so fast.  She's talking a mile a minute and she's always busy.  Kyle is up to 13 pounds and 24 inches now.  He is fascinated by Betsy and he wants to go already!  If he's awake, none of that laying around  stuff for him!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sitting Duck

This mama duck has built the most beautiful nest in the garden at work.  I warned her not to do it, not to get herself and her babies is a bad spot by having them in an enclosed garden with no way out except with the help of people  that she doesn't trust.  But she didn't listen. . .

This happens every year in our courtyards. 

Somebody takes pity on them, feeds them, gives them water, puts up with the mess, and then the little ones are rounded up and herded through the building and outside to the nice big natural pond that's just across the parking lot.   Some years it all works out. . . Some years not so much.

Up til now, I've always stayed out of it.  But I'll probably be saying, "I told you so" every day over the next few weeks.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Star Magnolia

This is our neighbor's  tree.  I want to claim it though, cause some of the beautiful branches hang down over the fence and it makes it seem (a little) like mine too!  Kind of like watching your neighbors' children grow up and they feel a little like your own--I've been watching this tree since they planted it years ago.  I think this is its prettiest year yet.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Ground Cover

Sweet little epimedium out there with the daffodils.  I love this little plant.  It has great sweetheart leaves in the summer for bouquets too. 

Mark, TBHITWWW, is promising to mulch the flower beds with hardwood mulch this weekend!  Yay!   The weather has been beautiful, although I hear it may be a few degrees cooler today.  That would be a good thing, as our spring weather has been very warm with wind, wind, and more wind. . . Hope your ground covers are covering!  Good Thursday. . .

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

April 7th, 2010

Does it seem to you like January and February just d-r-a-g on forever and spring is never going to get here . . . and then March seems to flow along pretty good,  and then April comes and all of a sudden time is FLYING by at warp speed?!?
We are praying for a friend who is in the hospital.   Another reminder  that every moment is our gift.  Lettergirl had this saying on her blog the other day, "Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year."

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Morning

Thanks to Mark for working working working in the yard while I was out yesterday.  It was a great Saturday.  Got my haircut and then spent the rest of the day at The Farm.  You can see my new daffodil sculpture from Gail just to the left of the arch.  

And today, Easter dinner with V & Warren.   It's a little cloudy, but nice temp.  Blessings on this beautiful, special day!   

Happy Easter

These pictures are from my mom's blog that she posted last Easter.  When she was young, she had a corsage for Easter Sunday morning.  I don't remember having corsages, but I always had a new outfit with a new hat.  And this is an Easter Sunday at her church when she was growing up at  Arcadia Methodist.  I don't remember this building.  They built a new sanctuary with the most beautiful stained glass windows behind the alter.   I loved hearing my mom play the organ every Sunday.   
I was 6 in this picture, standing in front of the catalpha tree.   Don't think I ever climbed another tree in my whole life, but I loved to climb this one.
And here's Betsy in her Easter dress last year.  Can't wait to see her picture with her little brother Kyle for this Easter.   

Happy Easter everybody!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Kitchen Bloom

Everybody needs a flower on the fridge, don't you think?