Canada Garden: Sitting Duck

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sitting Duck

This mama duck has built the most beautiful nest in the garden at work.  I warned her not to do it, not to get herself and her babies is a bad spot by having them in an enclosed garden with no way out except with the help of people  that she doesn't trust.  But she didn't listen. . .

This happens every year in our courtyards. 

Somebody takes pity on them, feeds them, gives them water, puts up with the mess, and then the little ones are rounded up and herded through the building and outside to the nice big natural pond that's just across the parking lot.   Some years it all works out. . . Some years not so much.

Up til now, I've always stayed out of it.  But I'll probably be saying, "I told you so" every day over the next few weeks.

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peggy said...

I think they like courtyards. I remember when I went to Bible Study at the big Methodist church in Wayne. Same thing, but everyone expected it and would have been disappointed had she not shown up. Maybe she knows there are no cats.