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Sunday, May 29, 2005

From mama's garden

The top container has a sweet little plant called maidenhair vine. I'll have to look for it too. Mama has a very green thumb and has inspired both me and my sister PJ to plant, plant, plant. Actually, we come from an even longer line of gardening women. Mammy and grandma would be loving all these flowers. Now granddaddy felt differently about flowers--we would be hiding the oil can from him.

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Anonymous said...

We lived at 429 South 31st Street, the only house on the block with a black ring around the foundation from oil brought home from the "filling station" (that's what gas stations were called back then.) But somehow, at the front of the house there grew the most beautiful bleeding hearts and they always had sweet peas by the front porch. And of course no weeds around the house. That was fun to remember --I'm so glad you mentioned it.