Canada Garden: Change of Heart

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Change of Heart

I went out this morning and was convinced there is something seriously wrong with the garden. One of my favorite yarrows didn't come back, there's something going on with one of the daylilies--all the buds are deformed, and of course the iris borers are doing their thing all over the place. I was even kicking myself (a little bit) for the smart-a** remark I made yesterday about the rain. Remember how Maude used to say, "God will get you for that"? But then I found this new daylily in bloom--huge blooms and so many buds. And the first sweet peas, so sweet, somehow magically blending with the pink larkspur. And so I changed my mind. The garden is perfect. Just the way it is. Weeds, diseases, japanese beetles, rabbits and all. But that doesn't mean the japanese beetles can rest easy. Mark is on the way with the spray. Happy Thursday.

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