Canada Garden: Pink, Orange, and Red

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Pink, Orange, and Red

Every year I think I should move the stargazer lilies that wound up planted among these orange daylilies. Then every year, I decide it's okay to leave them there. That's hyssop in the background, with Joe-Pye weed and the zebra grass. The air frisbee is one that Clayton brought--maybe to one of the graduation parties, or to JD's wedding? Can't remember when it was, but I do remember they threw that thing all over the back yard. I found it one day while I was weeding and just hung it on the stump. I think it belongs there.


Laura said...

I showed the kids this with the air frisbee and they all remembered it and think it was the wedding. So glad it has found a home.
Love, Laura

Todd & Lori said...

I can still see him throwing it and crafton jumping over the fence to get it out of the neighbors yard. Todd & Lori