Canada Garden: Just Back From Paducah

Monday, February 12, 2007

Just Back From Paducah

This is a shot of the formerly fabulous Ninth Street House--which has been refurbished back into its former glory. It didn't look like this when it was Ninth Street, but it was still THE place to go for lunch or a special dinner. I remember going there for lunch and just having the strawberry shortcake--the real kind, with thin, crispy layers of shortbread that tasted like sweet piecrust loaded with berries and whipped cream. You can't get California Chicken Salad here anymore; but fortunately, Curtis Grace still serves that famous salad with his wonderful iced tea at the House of Grace, now located out on the beltline. Not the same ambiance, but still the best chicken salad ever with that curry-mayo dressing over chicken, grapes, and almonds. And for desert--pie, of course!

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