Canada Garden: More Frozen Tulips

Saturday, April 14, 2007

More Frozen Tulips

This was supposed to be the "stop the car" planting. Of course, it's in the back yard, so no one would actually be stopping their car to look. And it's not one of those massive plantings that actually makes you want to stop your car for a look. But still, I was picturing a nice splash of purple and orange right there at the back door. I don't know if the orange ones are just later (a common problem I have with blends--they don't always bloom at the same times as advertised) or if they decided it was just too cold and wouldn't even try. I will have to hand it to these purple ones. They've been in bloom for the last week and haven't given up yet. Tonight's forecast says it will be 32 degrees again. Lows for the next few days look better--37 tomorrow night, then 40, 41, etc.

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