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Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Me, Grandma

V and I were at Penney's shopping yesterday and we ran into a friend of hers. She said she received a call last week from someone who said, "Hi grandma! It's me." She assumed it was her grandson.

The caller proceeded to tell her that he had just had an auto accident and was stranded in New York because he had to pay for the damages before they would let him leave the state. V's friend was suspicious and said no. When she called the police, she was told that they had recently taken reports from two other victims of the same type of scam, both in her same tiny village of Rochester.

So if someone calls and says "hi it's me grandma", you could try to help the police catch them by getting a phone number or an account number and reporting it. Or, you could just be a mean granny and say h*ll no, I'm not sending you any money!

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