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Sunday, August 02, 2009

More on Container Management

This container is turning out really pretty. The hybiscus is from The Farm and it's perennial, so I'll have to find a home for it this fall. The japanese beetles think it's put there to be their snack food. I was knocking them off into soapy water for a while, but then I got tired and now I just knock them off. I know they'll come back, but at least I make them have to work a little harder.

The crack in the container started out as a hairline when I planted it. It's growing along with the rootball.

All summer I've been using flower food that Kathy sent to me a while back--Super Bloom by GreenLight, 12-55-6. I used the last of it a few weeks ago and then started using the common-type food that's everywhere. You probably know which one I mean. A big difference. Fewer blooms, and some drooping foliage. Not good.

So I went over to see Gayle at the Apple Barn for a consult. She says I'm not feeding enough and that the plants are starving. She recommends Ferli-lome's Blooming & Rooting Food. 9-59-8. Full strength, most days. So that's the new plan. As for the crack, I'm okay with it cracking wide open as long as the blooms keep going til frost!

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