Canada Garden: Mack

Sunday, December 13, 2009


My sister PJ and her family lost their beloved golden last week.  He was a great dog and he loved them all so much.  They rescued him years ago when his original owners couldn't take care of him.  He was a lucky lucky dog to have landed at Powers Pond and I know PJ and the boys and Jeff felt they were lucky to have him too.   
Here he is celebrating at Jordan's high school graduation. 
And here's an older picture of him with Jacob, I think.  Mack was happpiest when he was sitting right on top of you, getting petted.  He just adored his family.

Thinking so much of Mack and PJ this week has made us think of our goldens that we have lost and how thankful we are for the goldens we have now.  We will miss Mack, but he lives on because he is a golden we loved and who loved us. 

Love a Golden is where we rescued G Dog and Lilla.  We're writing them a Christmas check in memory of Macky Mack.  Love  love to my sis and all.


peggy said...

that's so sweet. I was wishing I could write something and you did it for me.

P.J. said...

Thank you, sweet sis. I love you.