Canada Garden: 1500 Posts!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

1500 Posts!

Today, I'm celebrating here at Canada Garden.   It's been almost five years since I started this little blog.  I never dreamed that it would become like my baby, that I would be thinking about it so often, that I would be thinking about my readers (I have readers?!?), that it would help me slow down and notice the little things that bless my life,  and that it would motivate me to not only dream my dreams but also to go for them!

Before blogging, I was e-mailing pictures to my mom all the time, but those were also the days of dial-up and it took forever to upload pictures.  About that same time I found Grace--writer, actress, comedienne-- blogging/chatting away about her life in a way that made me feel like we were visiting over a good cup of coffee.  And I thought, maybe I could start a blog too. . . maybe?

So Canada Garden was started as an open letter to my mom, who lives in Michigan while I'm here in Illinois.  And now my mom blogs (I'm so proud of her!) and my daughter-in-law blogs, and I beg all my friends and family  who don't have a blog to please please start a blog so that I can hear all about what's happening in your life.  (Yes, I know and love Facebook, I really do.  I'm there everyday too.   But Facebook is the newsletter.  A blog is your own personal online art project.)

Five years ago, I posted mostly about the garden.  About our dogs.  About our family.  Tried really hard NEVER to complain about my day job, because I am thankful thankful for it. 

My floral design efforts are the subject of most of my posts.  They're all scrapbooked here--classes with Amy, who has taught me so much; and  my fellow students who turned out to be really sweet people and who are my friends today.  I didn't really include all the times I begged  my favorite florists for a part-time job (Saturdays only?  well, no we don't really need you), but it's okay now as I wander through all these pictures from the flower shows (James Lutke & Hitomi!) and the state conferences (Els!) and the ICPF classes (thanks Dee Dee and Judy!).  Cause something else was brewing. . .

This past year, I was blessed by Gail at The Farm with the best internship ever.  The. Best. Internship. Ever.  I've loved The Farm for years.  It was always one of my very favorite places to shop.  I've taken all my out-of-town guests there, took a few of my friends out there too.  (I remember going with Sharon, my friend who later passed away after her fight with breast cancer.  We shopped at The Farm and then stopped in at Morningstar for lunch.  I can see her sitting on that front porch now. I'm so glad we took the time.) 

Of course, gardening and floral designing isn't complete without photographing and blogging, so I started bugging Gail about a blog too.  And lo and behold, a new blog was born--yay! a blog for The Farm!

And then another blog for Flea Market to Fabulous.  And another blog for Petals & Co.  And maybe one for my hairdresser?  Who knows? 

The second most frequent type of post on the blog these days is about Betsy, of course.  She's only been here on this earth for a couple of years, but she'll probably overtake the floral design posts one of these days.  Canada Garden might need to be named Canada Garden & Betsy. . . or very soon, Canada Garden featuring Betsy & Kyle. . . Such blessings in my life, I am so so thankful.

Okay, I've gone way overboard in my musings about the blog, but for 1500 posts, I'll add just one more credit.  My husband Mark is the best husband in the world.  He fixes the computer when it breaks.  He listens to me rant when the computer's logic doesn't match mine--you can imagine how often that happens!  He backs up all my photos.  He buys me cameras and rechargeable batteries.  He takes care of the house and the dogs while I go off to class, to flower shows, and he never complains when I buy (more) flower supplies--or when I need more room to store them all.  He puts up with sticks and stems in the kitchen sink and on the  floor.  He sharpens my knife and my scissors.  He digs the holes, rakes the leaves, tills the garden, and endlessly endlessly tends the lawn in between the flower beds.  I am blessed indeed. 

If you've made it to this point, then you must be one of my faithful readers!  Thanks for taking the time to visit with me.  See you tomorrow!


peggy said...

You have to be my favorite blogger and this my favorite post. This is our time together even tho we are miles apart. I love you!!!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Kynda...
Your sweet Moma blogged about you tonight, and said to come on over here and tell you hello for her.

She is just the sweetest thing, and I love new places and new faces. You are both. I will definitely be back.

I have only been blogging about 7 months, but I live and breathe it when I'm not working. It is a release for me from the hectic days schedule. I blog about everything, and have my daughter and two DIL(s) blogging also. I even encouraged a couple of friends.

When I was a kid, I had a penpal, and it took forever for our letters to get back and forth. Here it is almost instant.

Thank you for sharing my friend. I will be back to visit soon. Please stop over to visit me @ Country Wings in Phoenix.

Country hugs, Sherry

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your Mom sent me over to say hello. I recently found her blog and enjoy seeing her crafts.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is an inspiration to us all! Love you, Rachel

Together We Save said...

Just found your blog... via your mother.... I love it!!

Cecelia Edwards said...

Kynda, thanks for all your hard work it is a joy to visit your garden. Thanks Mark for all your support.

Kynda said...

Thanks so much to everybody for your nice comments! Much appreciated!


P.J. said...

Hi sisterbelle! Still lovin' your blog after all these years! Can't believe it's been 1500 posts...honestly now, can it really be?? You are amazing:-) XXOO

Connie said...

Your mama sent me here! I think I've found a new blog to read! 1500 posts! What an accomplishment and I'm sure your mom loves reading it and checking up on you and your family!
Hope your next 1500 posts are just as fulfilling.