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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Whatever is Lovely . . . Think About Those Things

My mom has  been sick and missed a few days in her garden.  She said on her blog the other day that missing a day in your May garden is like missing your child's first steps.  Me, I've been really tired lately and every time I go out I just see how much needs to be done . . .  move that plant over there, take that one out, put that one in,  and weeds weeds weeds everywhere. . . But tonight I took a little nap and then went out into the garden and noticed all over again just how beautiful it really is. 

So here's a picture of this lovely clematis.  More garden pictures to follow.  Hope you're enjoying your May garden too.

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Ackley said...

Ya ,this is really beautiful.Gardening is the hobby of most of the people and passion for few ones As your mom has.Fresh Flowers grown in the courtyard looks very nice and gives beautiful fragrance.