Canada Garden: Weeding Sunday

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weeding Sunday

 In about three hours this morning, I yanked out hundreds of maple seedlings, scads of creeping charlie, vine after vine of bindweed, and all kinds of other weeds that have sprouted  in this little corner of the world.  I discovered--all over again--that I don't really mind weeding so much.   It's just that I want to weed in cool(er) temps and lower humidity with distant rumbling thunder on a quiet Sunday morning.  Those things make all the difference.  

Thanks to all my flower friends who have listened to me moan and groan (aka b***h) about weeding this season.  Turns out, I was really grouchy about the weather!  Hope it's good weeding weather in your garden too.

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P.J. said...

I thought about weeding tonight....went out and couldn't seem to breathe! It's a steam bath out there tonight. I'm happy you had a good day. Love you and miss you.