Canada Garden: This Year's Winner

Sunday, September 12, 2010

This Year's Winner

Okay, don't laugh.  And don't go "ewwww. . . fake flowers in a container. . .I'd never do that!"  Here's the scoop.  I didn't get around to buying a water plant for mama's crock this summer.  And I had all these permanent botanicals (sounds so much better than fake, right?), so I just gathered them all up with a few squiggles of wire and I'm telling you, this was the best-behaved container in my yard this year.  It bloomed every single day. It never asked for water.  And if you could see the other containers in my yard, you'd vote for this one too :)


peggy said...

I like it, very nice fakes. Sometimes I feel sorry for fakes, they don't get much credit.

Kynda said...

you're funny! that's why they like to be called permanent botanicals:) love you