Canada Garden: Life Changes. . . but Love is Forever

Friday, December 17, 2010

Life Changes. . . but Love is Forever

Sitting on Santa's Lap--1960?
Mama and PJ and Jeff's visit was such a nice surprise for Christmas!  When mama saw this collage sitting on the bookshelf, she said "who made this?"  Made me laugh, cause she made it for me in 1974.  Thirty-six years ago!  
Tommy and I were just married and it was my first Christmas away from mama and the kids.  I was so homesick for them and she sent me a box of Christmas ornaments for the tree and this collage.  I have treasured it all these years.  
Back then, we didn't have the money to go to Wal-Mart and buy a bunch of decorations.  I'm glad we didn't, because I wouldn't have this one.  

The sequined wreath is a little pin that mama used to make to give away.  We always had one on our coats.

The saying "Life Changes Season to Season, Year to Year, but Love is Forever" is from a Christmas card that Tommy gave me.  So ironic and so true.  He was with me for only a few years, but he changed my life.

And the bottom picture is of all us kids, on the back steps of the house on highway 60, all dressed up on our way to church.

Okay, what's your favorite Christmas decoration?  


P.J. said...

I love this. I love you. I'm so glad you're my sister.

peggy said...

I took a picture but yours is better. I wanted to put it on my blog, now I can link to this, because I learned how from you. I love you.