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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Reading List

It's early Sunday morning.  Betsy & Kyle are still sleeping.  We've had a wonderful time playing this weekend.  Last night we went to Southwind Park and they had a great time  climbing and sliding and swinging.  There was a wedding going on at the park too, and Betsy wanted to go to the party.  She would have liked the cake and the dancing.  I would have liked to see the flowers :)

The Paris Wife was a really good book.  I don't remember anything about Hemingway, but I do think we read For Whom the Bell Tolls when I was in school.  I didn't realize so many American artists went  to France to live.  Does that still happen?   Just after I read this book, I went to see Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen's newest movie.  I loved that movie and really wanted to go see it again.  Hemingway showed up in that story too, but not Hadley.  I would have liked to have  seen her too.

I also really liked Rules of Civility. Very different from Friends, the hit TV show, but also some similarities too as these friends lived and loved and worked in New York City.   I loved Katey Kontent, a modern working girl in the big city during the days of prohibition just after the depression and leading up to the war. 

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