Canada Garden: Nine Eleven Eleven

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nine Eleven Eleven

I was  watching Matt & Katie on the Today show before work one morning and Matt said, "We're going to switch here. . . there's something going on at the World Trade Center."  And a few minutes later, the second plane flew into the other tower.   

Judson was a freshman at UK.  Isaac went to school that morning, but I was sure that they would watch the history happening on tv.  His history teacher gave a test that was already scheduled for that  day. We should have stayed home together.  


peggy said...

Together is where we all needed to be that day. If it weren't possible in person, everyone was on the phone.

Your flowers are beautiful and you had a blue vase. I had to put mine in a jar because I took it to church so I wrapped it up in the flag. Everyone liked it tho.

Kynda said...

it's grandma's vase. I loved your flowers--the flag wrapped around them was beautiful.