Canada Garden: Four ! ! !

Friday, January 27, 2012

Four ! ! !

Betsy is 4 today!  Four whole years.  Four wonderful years :)  You've probably seen this design before.  I found the container back when I was going to school at Richland.  We were expecting Betsy back then, and I knew it was for her the minute I laid eyes on it. 
I haven't been posting much lately.  Too busy at work, no time to blog.  Which is an excuse, like being too busy to exercise.  .  .  There have been some flowers around the house lately.  Mostly tulips.  And now there's a little pot of hyacinths--the fragrance  so strong I had to put them out on the porch tonight--and a new orchid.

 It's Friday night and the fireplace is going and it's Say Yes to the Dress night.  The mail lady has brought  a new Flowers & and Florists Review.  Life is good.

Happy Birthday to our Betsy girl.  
She makes our world go round :) 

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