Canada Garden: Denver Botanical Garden

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Denver Botanical Garden

We loved the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.  So different from our midwest and southern gardens.
I've been thinking about how to put more massing in our Canada Garden. . .  And not just three of one thing. . . Maybe one plant times 25.   Why not? Well, actually, I can tell you why not.  I have a really hard time choosing just one.
No idea what this yellow blooming tree is, but I love it, especially with all the yellow cactus blooms surrounding it.
And while we might not be able to grow these kinds of plants, I could go for one of these fountains in the back yard. 
Huge aloe plant.  Huge.
The volunteers told us it's rare for this cactus to bloom. 
And rarer to see this little dude.  You'll have to look for him.  We almost missed him.

Next I'll show you pictures of the butterfly house.  Maybe I can talk Mark into putting one of those in the back yard :)

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Sissy said...

Love that fountain. It will look lovely just outside your butterfly house.