Canada Garden: Monday Flowers

Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Flowers

You might think I haven't been up to much 
by the number of posts lately.  
And you'd be mostly right :)
Sandy's beautiful blue bowl 
with a few flowers for her new office.


peggy said...

You had a "good morning" post for your Mommy today. So pretty, hope your Monday is a good one. Love you.

Sissy said...

That's beautiful. They look like silk! Tell me about the flowers. And're the cutest florist-gardener ever!

Kynda said...

yes, they're silk. hydrangea, orchids, and some little green daisy pomps with green wire and faux twigs. Only things real in it are the white sisal and the green moss from California. Great to talk with you yesterday :) love love

sissy said...

:) Love!