Canada Garden: Kitchen News & Thank You's

Friday, January 04, 2013

Kitchen News & Thank You's

I have the best mom in the world.   This blog began as a way to send her pictures from the garden, but it's grown into a letter for a whole bunch of people that I love and some I don't even know.  Thanks for stopping by to visit. Here's a little e-mail exchange we had recently:  

Sometime before Christmas
To:  Kynda
From:  Mama
Hi honey. . . put some $ in the BK account and some to pay on your cook-top.  I want to own at least a part of one burner so Mark can make me chili on it.  I love you all Christmas and every day.

Sometime after the New Year:
To  Mama
From  Kynda
I cashed your check this morning, so your burner is all paid for :) thank you so much!

I love you mama--past heaven!

So the kitchen is changing again.  New cooktop and new PaInT :)  Mark, also known as TBHITWWW, has painted the cabinets for me. . . again.  And I don't think he's ever said ".  . and this is the last time . . . "  I told you he's the best :)

I am blessed.  Thank you, thank you to the universe and its Creator.

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peggy said...

That was sweet and Mark is TBCMITWWW. I love the cabinets! (That's chili maker or we could add CR, cabinet re-painter).