Canada Garden: A Different Kind of Weekend

Saturday, May 04, 2013

A Different Kind of Weekend

This weekend is usually busy with Petals & The Farm, but it's turned out to be a little different this year.  First of all, I took off from work Thursday afternoon and Friday.  Just because.  And it's been great.  I love my day job.  It's full of challenges and too many needs with not enough resources to go around yet it's important and it makes me happy to have the honor to be there.

But lately I've been feeling like I need a day or two off here and there.  So. . . I ran away to The Farm on Thursday afternoon and spent some time with Cheryl and Gail and those cute chickens out in the garden.

The theme for Open House at The Farm was Spring Chickens. . .  or it could have been something about rain-soaked gardens, grey skies, and sweater weather. . . It's rained 4.75 inches in the last 48 hours and I don't know if it broke 50 degrees today.  But it was Open House at The Farm and that's still a good day :)

Out and about today,  I spied this red Ford truck.  Mark is dreaming about a red Ford truck.  But I'm voting for a black one.
Not a very good picture, but what do you think about this flower sculpture?  It's pretty reasonably priced--not outrageous for Greenview. Of everything there, it caught my eye.  
And this positively made me laugh out loud--at least seven bumper stickers proclaiming various causes with a license plate that reads "NO DRAMA"!

Tomorrow's forecast is a little warmer but still more rain.  Looking forward to it :)

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peggy said...

Well, I like the red, but it doesn't match your house and you would want to park it out front so everyone could see it. Couldn't miss the red tho.