Canada Garden: Madisonville Visit

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Madisonville Visit

We celebrated our 25th anniversary this past week with Judson and Rachel and the kids.  Rachel's yellow for the front door turned out so pretty!  Kyle wouldn't let me take his picture with the new door, but he didn't mind bursting in on Betsy's pose.
Now a kindergartner, she's prettier and smarter every time we see her :)
"I don't want you to call me funny."  But he really is so funny and he keeps us laughing all the time. Being able to make people laugh is a talent that I so admire, but Kyle isn't having it. He had to keep correcting us all weekend.
It's been 25 good years.  Love love to Mark, TBHITWWW.

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peggy said...

all good, are there any more?