Canada Garden: Vacation Report

Friday, October 25, 2013

Vacation Report

We're back from the lake.  Had a wonderful time as usual.  Ate good.  Got to spend fun time with our Betsy & Kyle and Rachel.    Lazed around doing not much.  Mark caught some really nice fish and threw them back so he could catch them again next year. 
Pies at Patti's.  I had chess pie both times we went.  I can never get enough of chess pie.  Reminds me of mama and grandma's pies.  And Muny's pies too.  We ate at Dinner Bell a couple of times, which has food just like we grew up with.  Fried chicken and vegetables.
It was sad, but we wanted to go to the cemetary.  So hard to believe that Warren is gone, even though it's been a year.
The happiest times are always when we're with Betsy & Kyle.  They make us laugh and love life.

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Morgan Nicole Ilg said...

oh my goodness...that last picture is so beautiful...just melted my heart.
thank you for sharing!
I am loving your pictures ;)
have a wonderful day!
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