Canada Garden: More from Christmas 2013

Thursday, January 02, 2014

More from Christmas 2013

We had no idea they could actually get into the stable.  I didn't get a shot, but both Betsy & Kyle can fit into it at the same time.  Kyle even went in thru the window instead of the door!  They make our lives happy.
V and I made divinity this year.  Only took two tries to get a good batch.  We laughed and cussed-- well, I did anyway. V does not cuss.  Ever.  But she said she was tempted to, and so it almost counts.  I can't tell you the number of batches of candy that I've made that haven't set up or got too hard.  So many that I tell myself that it's too much trouble.  But then you make a batch with someone you love and then you share it with other people that you love and they tell you how good it is, and you realize it's totally worth it.
It snowed a couple of times for Christmas 2013.  G dog and Lilla love the snow.  Lilla likes to roll in it, G dog rubs his face in it.  I like to stay in and just watch them.
It's snowing again today and Mark is out cleaning the driveways for us.  He is my snow man.


peggy said...

We talked (PJ and I) about how it doesn't seem like Christmas when we don't make pralines and divinity and fudge and you have explained it. I'm so glad Judson asked for divinity, he is a smart man.

Sissy said...