Canada Garden: March!

Sunday, March 02, 2014


Mark, also known as TBHITWWW, has struck again.  A new blue bike for my birthday, with a very low "step through" so that I can get on and off  without falling over.  We're looking forward to lots of bike rides this summer :)

Right now, it's still snowing and icing and below zero and windy and altogether winter.  In the meantime, be sure you have some tulip medicine to treat your spring fever!


peggy said...

where did you take the pic. There's no snow. Love it, you look so cute.

Sissy said...

Well ain't that a purty bike? You need a wire basket on the handlebars, and you need to wear a skirt when you ride it. I love your bike. Good job, Marky :D

Kynda said...

This was taken before the predicted snow storm. We were lucky and didn't get nearly as much as they said we would.

And sister--no skirts anymore. I swore off of them years ago! But the wire basket sounds good. love love to you and mama.

Weekend-Windup said...

Your bike is wonderful. Good gift for you!!