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Saturday, December 06, 2014

Goodbye Sweet Friend

Nan & Ellen at PJ's wedding, 1985
Also from PJ's wedding:  Emily, Debbie, Sarah Beth, Nan, Ellen

Nan was my best friend in the whole world for a lot of years. She and Debbie taught me how to l.a.u.g.h!  Those two sisters absolutely rolled in the floor laughing so hard.  I have no memory at all of what we laughed about, just being together with them made me happy.

After Tommy died and I was at UK going to school, Nan and I talked for hours on the phone every week.  It cost us hundreds (thousands?) of dollars on the long distance phone bills--that was  when we paid by the minute for long-distance on our land lines. Where were the cell phones back then?!  But we needed each other  and we never regretted one penny that went to the phone companies.

And here Nan talking with Elizabeth at Ellen's wedding.  
1986? in the Wilson's back yard.  Another  lovely wedding.

I had the nicest visit with Nan and Sue just three short months ago.  We talked about old times and caught up on the latest news and laughed again.  So glad that we had that last time together.

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