Canada Garden: This Is As Halloween As It Gets

Sunday, October 04, 2015

This Is As Halloween As It Gets

 We had a wonderful vacation and are back home now.  Everybody keeps asking "are you having fun now that you're retired?"  And the answer is  yes & no.  Yes because we've gone to the lake for two whole weeks, because I am definitely letting go of feeling responsible for everything bad that can possibly happen in a little psychiatric hospital, and because I have a lot more time for pinterest :)
 And no, not so much.  I miss morning coffee when we're all going over what happened last night & what we have to do for the day,  salads for lunch with Nat & Fran,  mid-afternoon chocolate when everybody needs a break from the stress. I miss my team. . .  On the other hand, I have a lot more time for pinterest :)
So today, I bought a few pumpkins and pulled out the halloween stuff from the basement. And I may make a little halloween arrangement for the kitchen, but I think this is about it for now. 

Tomorrow I'll start a week of training for a new part-time job.  'Cause I'm still a social worker at heart and I'm not really ready to be completely retired just yet.  But this time,  less stress and not so much worrying.   Even this little bit of retirement has taught me that :)

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