Canada Garden: November Thursday

Thursday, November 19, 2015

November Thursday

Rachel's front door.  I had a great time making this one, although I wonder how many of those hundred-and-something ornaments have popped off.  I started out wiring every one, then towards the end the trusty glue pot came to the rescue.

It's a Thursday and I'm sitting on the couch watching Young and the Restless.  Reminds me of being in college . . . Victor has lots of wrinkles now but it's still the same story they were telling in the 70's when I was at UK.  And he's still the bad guy you love to hate.

I ran a few errands this morning and stopped in Buckley's garden center.  Such a surprise to find an iris in full bloom.  What?!?  On the sale table. What!?!    The label says "reliable rebloomer."  So I brought it home and dressed it up.   If you know me you know that I've taken  most of my iris out over the last few years.   But if this one will bloom in the fall like this, I think I can find a place for it.

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