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Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Menu

Here at the end of my first year of keto, Christmas has been so good.  I hope yours was beautiful too.
This was dinner for us.  Ham, green beans, cauli-fried rice this time with Mark's favorite rotel & taco seasoning seasoning, and salad.  But of course, Christmas eating is mostly about the deserts, right?
Meringues, which are supposed to be white, but I left them in too long and they browned.  Still, they're light as a feather and melt in your mouth. They're made of egg whites and Swerve with a squirt of lemon juice so they're extremely low carb.  For next time, I've made a little note to myself to check on them every 15 minutes and pull them out before they brown.

Cheesecake, which is our go-to keto desert for any special occasion.    And then a little scoop of death-by-chocolate ice cream.  I still don't have quite the technique for ice cream down, but this one came out pretty good.  I did use the vodka to make it less icy.  It needs to stand at room temperature a few minutes before scooping.  

Whew!  We were full to the brim.  Christmas is continuing at our house this week.  Betsy & Kyle will be here tomorrow with their parents and we're so looking forward to seeing them.

All the merriest to you and yours this Christmas season!
Mark & V

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