Canada Garden: House of Grace California Chicken Salad

Saturday, July 01, 2017

House of Grace California Chicken Salad

Back in the 70's/80's, I loved going to House of Grace where Curtis Grace made the best food in a beautiful old house that was refurbished as a tea room.  He still has a House of Grace there, only now it's in a former Pizza Hut.  The last time I had this wonderful salad from him was on a visit with Nan.  Ellen picked up take out for us and we had a wonderful time visiting in their kitchen eating Curtis Grace's food one more time.

Nan threw Debbie a baby shower at House of Grace one time.  There were probably 8 of us and the meal was served in 5 courses.  We were fancy in those days!   Another one of his specialties was strawberry shortcake.  It was an old-fashioned shortcake even then--more like a cracker than a cake.  

Anyway, I found this recipe for his California Chicken Salad which was my favorite of his specialties.  As I was looking at it, I realized that it's pretty much low carb!  I just left off the grapes to make it keto.  And I used chopped pecans because I didn't have slivered almonds.  It's as good as I remember.

 Look at that typing!  I am thankful we don't have to use an old fashioned typewriter to copy recipes anymore :)

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