Canada Garden: Peggy's Garden

Monday, August 08, 2005

Peggy's Garden

It's a good thing mama sent me some pictures from her yard. I didn't have a thing to post today. This first shot is malabar spinach. Next year I'll try it on my sun-democrat box. With some king of super-duper rabbit protection. Maybe I'll grow it up through a rabbit trap. (That sounds mean doesn't it?) I don't know what kind of sunflower this is. It doesn't look very tall, but it's a huge flower. And the folige looks great. Beautiful. Thanks, mama!


peggy sue -- mama said...

All my sunflowers have been "freebies" from the seed company, where they give you a packet of mixed seeds and want to know how they did. This one is only about five feet but is bowed down from the weight of the bloom. They seem to like this hottttt weather.

rachel said...

so pretty