Canada Garden: Fabulous New Mirror by Deb

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fabulous New Mirror by Deb

Love my new mirror  by Deb Goetz over at Flea Market to Fabulous.  She's an artist with a paintbrush . . . and a hammer, and screws, and glass, and mirrors. . . whatever it takes.  Thanks Deb!

I originally thought I would hang this new piece in our smaller bedroom.  But once I got it home, it just really needed to hang in the hallway--where it would reflect granddaddy's hat (Betsy & Kyle's great great grandfather!), mammy's Jesus picture (Betsy & Kyle's great great GREAT grandmother!), and the picture of the poets that I found years ago in a junk find with my mom--"only" their great grandmother :-)

I've got my eye on yet another green shelf at F2F . . .  Look for me next time you're shopping there!

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peggy said...

I love knowing these things have such a nice place to live, and now they can see themselves. I hope Betsy and Kyle will like the old family things.