Canada Garden: Personal Training--Why Didn't I Do This Years Ago??

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Personal Training--Why Didn't I Do This Years Ago??

My mom asked to see a picture of Chad, my personal trainer.  You can find out more about Chad and  Body Symmetry here.  Every Wednesday night, I go over to see Chad and tell him how much (or how little) I've exercised and what I've been eating.  Then he tells me not to give up, to keep working at it, and reminds me that I'm a lot stronger now than I was a year ago.  He says eat breakfast, drink protein shakes, and dinner should be protein and vegetables.     He makes me do funny  exercises like the monster walk and wall slides. 

And you know, it's working.  My summer pants?  Most of them fit.  The rest are too big.  The scale is down 15 pounds.  Although I try not to think about that part too much, cause I just get nervous about it and start eating bread and butter again. 

This is the first spring in the garden that I am not starting from scratch physically.  Usually this time of year, I'm down in my back from those first days in the garden.  Not this year.    Thanks to Chad :)


peggy said...

I already had a picture of him in my, I wasn't too far off at all. I like him. When can he visit us?

P.J. said...

Momma stole my line. I was going to say "I like him." I'm so glad that you found him.