Canada Garden: A Sunday Morning Stroll

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Sunday Morning Stroll

Had a chance to visit a few shops on Pearl Street which is close to where Isaac lives.  We had great cinnamon rolls at Duffeyroll's, then wandered down the street.

 Very very cute flower shop, Ruffly Rose, where her flowers were displayed in buckets right there for you to see and touch and smell!  The owner was out on a delivery while we were there, but we got to chat with her mom.  She said they keep the shop very cool to help the flowers last without a cooler. 
And this was a gift shop called Five.  My very favorite Open sign ever!

 A bike shop where you can tell they must love retro bicycles.

It was a fun trip.  And head on over to The Farm blog to see pictures from our visit to the Denver Botanic Gardens too.

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P.J. said...

Oh my! It looks like you found some great shops!!! It makes me want to paint a bedroom scene and hang it outside on my house!! Marky looks great for 39. Great pics.