Canada Garden: Happy Fourth

Friday, July 08, 2011

Happy Fourth

We had a lot of fun with Betsy & Kyle on the Fourth.   Kyle usually likes hot dogs, but he was into the cheetos here.  

He's the spitting image of his daddy, but sometimes he reminds me of Isaac too.   I called him Isaac several times.  Just like I used to call Isaac Judson.   

 Not sure what the issue was in this next picture--I love her different expressions!
Kyle wanted in on the badmitton game.
Betsy and her friend Rachel were so excited about the fireworks!  They could hardly wait.  Rachel was all about the sparklers and the smoke bombs, but Bets was a little more hesitant when the fire and the booms started happening.  She watched from the bench, sitting between me and Judson.

Judson:  Betsy, are fireworks scary?
Betsy (adamantly):  No, fireworks aren't scary!
Judson:  Betsy, are you scared right now?
Betsy (in a small voice):  Yea. I'm scared.

But of course, she loved it too and didn't want to leave even when it was way late past bedtime :)


Rhonda D. said...

Looks like lots of fun and your family is beautiful! Love the 'scowly' face on the tire swing ;-)

P.J. said...

Such cute pictures. So glad you had this time!!

peggy said...

I thought of the time we took you to the fireworks at the foot of Broadway in Paducah. But we won't tell Betsy.