Canada Garden: Strawberry Jam

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Strawberry Jam

Yesterday Rachel posted on my facebook wall:   So how did you girls make that yummy strawberry jam?  Kyle LOVED it.  He licked it all off his toast :)

That's why I love facebook.  Made me so happy to hear that my little Kyle boy liked our jam!  It is special jam, for sure.  For starters, the berries came from Grandma Peggy's garden and they were beautiful! 

PJ got onto me because I ate so many while we were picking.  She still believes in keeping the rule about not eating any berries while you pick.  I used to get in trouble for breaking that rule when mama and I went to pick at Mr. Faith's just off highway 60 in Paducah.  I've just adapted the rule a little bit--  pick two for the box and eat the next one. 

John wasn't worried about any rules--he walked right through the middle of the patch and held the box for us.  Laughing and giggling the whole time.  He is so cute!

My sister PJ is one of the funniest people I know--love her hair here :)  She'll be mad at me for posting her picture.  I think she's beautiful! 

So the recipe for the jam can be found in the Sure-Jell box.   Mama's jam is always good, but this batch was an extra-special good one because we had so much fun making it together.   She'll be so happy to hear that Kyle liked her strawberry jam.  Now I'm inspired me to plant a little berry patch here at Canada Garden too!  Let's keep the tradition going :)

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P.J. said...

You are such a brat! But I still love you. But let's make it clear...I DON'T wear my hair like that for did it get like that anyways??? And let's get another thing straight...I saw you picking 2 berries for the container, then the next 4 for you! Have an awesome day:-)