Canada Garden: February Hyacinth

Sunday, February 05, 2012

February Hyacinth

This little pot of hyacinths has been growing and blooming by the back door over the last couple of weeks.  They had been intended for the kitchen window sill, but the scent was so strong  they had to move outside.  Turns out this is a great place for them.  Every time I go in and out, I get to see them up close with just enough of their sweet smell.  Thank you to my mom and sis for bringing the cool plant stand from Michigan :)
If you get your hyacinths from the grocery store, take off that cheap plastic cover (the florists call them speed covers) and set them in a flower pot that has been sitting around with nothing to do since fall.  Or stop by your local florist and they'll have a great dressed up bulb garden just waiting for your back porch.
The window sill?  A pot of tulips :)  I'll show those to you next.


Sissy said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty! Love the plant stand...let's go shopping again:D

Kynda said...

shopping with my sis is one of my very very favorite things :) love you