Canada Garden: A Rant of My Own

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Rant of My Own

 I love Garden Rant.  I check them out every day.  They've made me laugh, they've made me think.   But today's GR post featuring a creative butcher's  meat-roses included a diss on cut flowers that has me ranting too.  Don't get me wrong.   That bouquet of meat is very clever.  It's just not necessary to disrespect a gift of fresh blooms.

There might be some who would like a bouquet of meat better than a classic dozen roses.  Even so, Mark would probably prefer his steak wrapped in the butcher's paper and ready for the grill. 

Here's my point:  There's nothing like fresh flowers to make my heart sing.  Yes, I know they are flown in from all over the world.  And during the summer, my very favorite blooms are ones growing in my very own back yard.   And I know there's flower abuse that is just plain wrong.  Like the roses that sit for weeks on end at the gas station.  Or the ones delivered in a box and left on a porch to freeze or fry depending on the weather.

But flowers well-tended by growers and wholesalers and florists who know what they are doing?  They make the world a better place. 

Flowers don't last?  That's why they're so special.  They're transient, fleeting.  The  feeling that I got  the moment they arrived?  That feeling lasts.  I'll remember exactly how that gift of flowers made me feel.  Another reason I'm glad they don't last?    I've accumulated enough stuff.    I don't need more stuff.  The beauty of a fresh flower--that I can use in my life.

You know what else won't last?  Those damn meat-roses.

Okay, end of rant.  Look what I got today!

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P.J. said...

YOUR flowers are beautiful. Lucky girl. The MEAT roses are disgustingly yucky. Nuff said.