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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Table Flowers

As my mom says, it's good to feel happy again.  Jeff was discharged from the hospital today and they stopped off at Potbelly's on the way home.  He has some work ahead to build up his strength and to give his lungs time to heal.  We are so thankful thankful.  For those of you who have been praying for us, we appreciate it so much. 

Here are pictures from the tablescape competition at the conference last weekend.  The designs were awesome.  Loved the roping of hyacinth florets in the shot above. 

So many pretty ones.  There was a three way tie for first place.  Has that ever happened before?
Beautiful design by Amy, who was my first flower school teacher and  now my friend and mentor.  Mark went to the banquet with me and it was a lovely dinner sitting at such a beautiful table with the good company of Amy and her husband Jeff.  

These two tied for first place, along with this design over on the Petals & Co blog. 

So after a flower-filled weekend at the ISFA conference and a week in Michigan with Jeff & PJ & my mom, tomorrow is back to a regular routine at work.  Of course, I'm going to take some flowers :)

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Sissy said...

Wow, these are beautiful Almost as beautiful as this hairy beast sitting next to me here. Next year, you're doing a tablescape. :D And Jeff Powers will be on his best behavior,so you won't be distracted!