Canada Garden: Spring 2012 Garden Tour

Friday, June 01, 2012

Spring 2012 Garden Tour


peggy said...

everything looks beautiful, just like we were with you on a walk. Love you!!!

Sissy said...

I tried to post a comment earlier, before momma, and it didn't stay. I said something like this: It looks gorgeous! Everything is so pretty. I can't believe how many larkspur you have. They are amazing! I think the hosta (about 2 minutes into your show, the one that you didn't know about,) is from Waltz, and is a Christmas Tree Hosta. And I have a lot of that sweet little sedum with the yellow you think that's yankee too? Anyways, I sure do wish that Momma and I were walking with you in your garden. Love you!

Kynda said...

awww, I miss my mom and my sissy! Can't wait to see you and your gardens in a couple of weeks :) lovelove