Canada Garden: Dance Recital Flowers

Friday, June 14, 2013

Dance Recital Flowers

The ballerina design idea came from a class at ISFA's spring convention last year.  The roses came from V's yard.  They were absolutely gorgeous.  She brought them over in this white vase that belonged to Mark's grandmother.  The ballerina was a fun practice piece, but I decided to go with a fairy wand.  They are very trendy these days.
 But even fairy wands have a hard time competing with Barbie and crazy daisies!
Pardon the curling ribbon--I didn't put ribbon in my tool case when we traveled to Betsy's, so I needed a  quick substitute.  I don't think Betsy minded at all.  She LoVeD the new Barbie :)

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Sissy said...

I love the ballerina! and then I saw the fairy wand!! and then I saw the Barbie bouquet!!!! Love them all. The ballerina is my favorite. Oh, if I were a little girl again...