Canada Garden: Sunday Scenes

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Scenes

Yesterday was an absolutely glorious day in the garden.  Mark and I pruned back tree limbs that have been over-shading the beds.  V and I watched the first two episodes of Downton Abbey and now understand what the fuss is all about.  Mark went ghost hunting last night and just got home a little while ago.  We bought a food processor at Bed Bath Beyond yesterday, so now I can make Paleo breakfast cookies like PJ.  Hope they will be as good as hers!   Isaac had poison ivy this week, went to the doc to get meds, so he's on the mend.  Betsy & Kyle are having a great summer visit with their cousin Carly. I'm up early on this Sunday morning, looking forward to another glorious day in the garden.  Leave a comment--I'd love to hear your news too :)

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peggy said...

Your bouquet is much better than mine, but isn't it funny, we are both up early and posting. Can't believe it.