Canada Garden: A Thank You to Bernie

Thursday, June 09, 2016

A Thank You to Bernie

You know, I may have mentioned politics on this blog before, but I really can't remember when.  In over 2000 posts, I have stuck to things that make me happy like flowers and my grandchildren and golden retrievers who love me and the garden.  But today, I just want to say:  thank you  Bernie Sanders. 

When I was a teenager, I remember talking to my mom one night when she was working on her taxes.  She told me to always check the box to contribute $1 to the presidential campaign because "it's there so that one day a poor man can become president".  I checked that box for a lot of years.  But I haven't checked it in a long time because. . . well, who believes that anymore?  And then Bernie came along.  I've never given money to a political campaign before, but I gave a few of those $27 contributions to him. 

And I may give him another $27 today.  Yes, today, even after Hillary's  speech about being the first woman presidential candidate and her touching tribute to her mother.  Bernie may not get the nomination, but here's the thing.  Bernie's input was all over her speech.  If he hadn't run with his message of social justice, she wouldn't have said a lot of things that she said in that speech.  I hope she means them.  I'm not convinced, but I sure hope so.

I don't have much patience for those who keep saying Bernie should withdraw right now because he's hurting the country if he doesn't.  Bull hockey.  He's still fighting for social justice. And as Hillary said--though I'm sure it must have taken some intestinal fortitude for her to admit it--his fight is good for America.  

I liked his message from the first time I heard it.  But then he said "When you hurt, I hurt.  When your children hurt, I hurt.  That's my religion". . . Well  that's  the kind of president I'd like to have.  That's the kind of world I want to live in.  

I trust Bernie to get out  when the time is right.  He said he'd stay with it til every vote was counted and through the convention.  I don't expect him to get out before he's squeezed out every last bit of progress that can possibly be made towards the goals he has been so tirelessly sharing with us.

Thank you Senator Sanders, for fighting this fight for me, for my children, for Betsy & Kyle.  And for those of you who follow me here at this little spot on the blogging world, we'll get back to low carb & flowers real soon.    Now where's that e-mail with the 'contribute now' button?

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