Canada Garden: Wednesday Vase

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Vase

Roses and alstro--one of my favorite combos . . .  So far keeping my resolution to keep flowers in the house--at least til spring when the garden starts blooming again.  

Sent off a couple of  seed orders.  Still need to order some sweet pea seeds.  I've been ordering from this company for years, but I just realized they have a flower shop too!   

Unfortunately my sweet pea harvest hasn't been so great the last couple of years.  This time I'm going to try winter sowing  on the back porch to get them going sooner.  I still remember PJ's September sweet peas.  How did she do that? 

And if this year's crop doesn't make, thank goodness I can call up one of my florist friends and order enough sweet peas to give me my annual fix :)

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