Canada Garden: Halloween

Tuesday, November 01, 2016


We missed these trick-or-treaters last night!  The weather was perfect and I know they had fun.
Looks like Kyle might have had a costume change from zombie to baseball player.  I know Mark was thrilled to see Kyle dressing up like a Cub player for his career day at school.

And Miss Betsy was a pop star for her career choice.  Love those leggings!

So we missed seeing the neighbor kids for Halloween too.  We opted out of Halloween candy altogether this year.  Having a big bowl of chocolate in the house?  Not happening these days.  My very favorite trick-or-treaters are the kids of the kids that our kids grew up with.  Mike's kids, Dan's kids, Travis--it's always fun to see the little ones excited and growing up.

We did get to see Drew's little Sawyer this week.  He is four weeks old and such a little cutie.  I want to see him at my front door next year.   We have to think of something non-candy to give away  so we get to be a part of the neighborhood mingling.  And now on to Thanksgiving :)



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peggy said...

I loaded up the kids with tootsie rolls, Ray took one (one?) and I think they were the cutest costumes ever this year. Lots of little bitty ones.